About City League

We are a St. Louis-based, locally-operated 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to develop the next generation of youth through engagement in sports and extracurriculars. Guided by our core values of Equity, Health, Connection and Movement, we put in the work to create sustainable sports leagues for all the schools, students and families we serve.

The mission of City League is to develop youth through school sports and extracurriculars.

Sports have the power to change lives—but youth sports are on the decline. We want to reverse the trend by meeting the core needs of successful youth school sports leagues.

In 2018, 38% of kids ages 6-12 played an organized sport on a regular basis, down from 45% a decade earlier. After the pandemic, 44% of families said their community-based program has either closed, merged or returned with limited capacity. 

Sports transform players, but they also build camaraderie and togetherness at school. From jersey days to pep rallies, sports fuel positive culture in a way that helps all students thrive. By directly addressing barriers like program policy and scheduling, City League can help make middle school sports accessible, sustainable, easy and fun for everyone involved.

From our Founder, Allison Cousins

“The heart of the ‘why’ behind City League is that I want to create transformable opportunities for kids and help them find their thing. Middle school is the most crucial time to do this—it’s when relationships matter the most, and when connections can be made with mentors in the community.”

Impact by the Numbers

City League launched in 2021 through Lafayette Preparatory Academy in St. Louis. In our 2021-2022 pilot year, we served 12 middle schools and 600 students across 4 sports, and we’re growing every day.