Youth Basketball for Schools in St. Louis City

About Youth Basketball

Youth basketball is a natural fit for kids with a playful, competitive spirit. Playing basketball helps kids grow stronger, improve hand-eye coordination, and build muscular endurance. As a team sport, basketball builds community and camaraderie and teaches kids how to work with others. A fast-paced, high-scoring game, basketball teaches the power of strong communication and how to seek opportunities for success—i.e., scoring and defense—at every turn.

Season & Suggested Tryout Dates

Basketball is a winter sport. If you want to bring Youth Basketball to your St. Louis City school, we suggest hosting tryouts during the week of November 7th.

Upcoming Games – 2022-2023

Practice & Game Expectations:

  • Most schools practice 2-3 times per week.
  • Games will occur on Wednesdays at 4:30pm, 5:30pm or 6:30pm.
  • Regular season games will occur on: Nov. 30th, Dec. 7th, Dec. 14th, Jan. 4th, Jan. 11th, Jan. 18th, Jan. 25th, Feb. 1st, Feb. 8th and Feb. 15th.
  • City Tournament on February 18th.

Cheerleading: We encourage schools to invite (or establish) a cheerleading squad to cheer on the sidelines during basketball games.

Looking for your school’s game & practice schedules? Visit our Schedules & Results page.

Rules of Play

Regulation & Scoring

There are two 20 minute halves. The clock runs continuously the first 18 minutes of each half. Stop time will be used the last two minutes of each half. There is a five minute halftime. Each team has two full timeouts and two 30 second timeouts per half. In the case of a tie game, the overtime period will be two minutes stop time with one time out permitted for each team; previous time outs from the regular time period do not carry over.

Each basket scores two points, if inside the 3-point line. Each basket beyond the 3 point line scores three points. Each free throw scores one point. The team that is ahead at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Technical fouls award two shots for the offended team, plus give up possession to the other teams when applied. The maximum deficit shown on the scoreboard will be limited to 20 points. With this gap in scores, no points will be added to the leading team on the scoreboard. The accurate score will be reflected on the scorekeeper’s paper and, if the difference between the two scores becomes less than 20, the scores will be adjusted on the scoreboard to accurately reflect the scores moving forward.

If the difference between two teams’ scores reaches or exceeds 20 points, the clock will continue to run including (even inside of 2 minutes of each half); the clock will only stop for time outs and injuries. No full court press is allowed for the team up by 20+ points.

City League Handbook

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