Logo and Brand Guidelines

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Brand Colors

  • Red: #ba2426
  • Blue: #0068ae
  • Orange: #f68c31
  • Yellow: #ffd811

Brand Fonts

Photography Usage

Download Photos: You may download this zip folder of 3 images for press use.

If you have a more specific photography request, please email Allison Cousins at allison.cousins@stlcityleague.com.

Writing Guidelines

Tone of Voice

City League’s tone of voice defines how we as a brand speak and write. It brings our brand personality to life in linguistic terms. In other words, it is not about what we say or who we are speaking to – but how we do it.

Plain, straightforward & clear

At City League, we talk like coaches do, using straightforward, plain language. Our goal is to communicate a clear vision and articulate exactly what we do, how we do it, and why. We are positive and forward-thinking. With us, what you see is what you get. We do what we do because we love it, and we’re out here finding others like us to join the movement

Respectful and equitable

When we talk about what we do, or our student-athletes, you can hear a sense of pride in our voices. We use gender-neutral language. We don’t alienate others with our words. Our tone is supportive and positive. We’re focused, goal-oriented and respectful—clear, patient and assertive.


City League is used as the subject/main actor in the sentence—not The City League. When referring to the league generally, we use the league. We are a nonprofit, not a non-profit or a non profit. Additionally, I use “nonprofit” (one word) instead of “non-profit” or “non profit.” We use Parents & Caregivers over simply Parents. And we are focused on St. Louis City school sports, not club sports.