Youth Cross-Country for Schools in St. Louis City

About Youth Cross-Country

Cross-Country is a wonderful activity for kids because the sport teaches them the value of continuous self-improvement. When they train and compete, kids will set personalized goals to improve every day, and they will work toward those goals by competing against themselves. Beyond the individual benefits, cross-country is a team sport, and it is all-inclusive; no one sits the bench, because in cross country, everyone runs.

Season & Suggested Tryout Dates

Cross-Country is a fall sport. If you want to bring Youth Cross-Country to your St. Louis City school, we suggest hosting tryouts during the week of August 29th.

Upcoming Meets – 2022

  • Meet 1: September 13th at 5pm at Lafayette Park
  • Meet 2: October 4th at 5pm at Benton Park
  • Meet 3: October 25th at 5pm at Francis Park

Looking for your school’s game & practice schedules? Visit our Schedules & Results page.

Rules of Play

Scoring & Race Length

Races are scored by assigning a point value to the finishing place of the runner. Only the top 5 runners “score” for their team. The sixth and seventh placed runners also receive a score. Their points can be valuable since they may increase the score of an opposing team by placing in front of that team’s top five runners. If a runner finishes first, they will earn 1 point; if a runner finishes 55th, they earn 55 points.

A perfect score is 15 points, with the top five runners occupying the first five finishing positions.
The lowest score wins. Schools who do not have a team of at least five runners of each gender are removed from the results for scoring purposes, or will follow the ghost scoring method.

If a meet allows more than seven runners in a race, the runners that placed eighth or higher within their team are removed from the results for scoring purposes.In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the place of the sixth place runners are compared.

Two races will be held at each meet.

  • Boys will begin at 5pm
  • Girls will begin at 5:30pm

The race length is 3 kilometers or approximately 1.86 miles.

City League Handbook

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