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City League offers programmatic support for school sports and extracurriculars in St. Louis City

In St. Louis City, school sports transform kids’ lives. When kids play a sport at school, they grow strong friendships with classmates. They get to take part in something bigger than themselves. The camaraderie developed on the court or in the field carries over into classrooms—and school culture grows stronger because of it.

So why did we create City League? Over the last two decades, participation in youth club sports has increased, but participation in youth school sports has declined. We want to reverse that trend by helping schools get the support they need to keep sports alive.

City League’s program model encourages multi-sport participation instead of specializing in only one sport. Significant research supports the advantages to participating in multiple sports, including a reduced risk of injury, the psychological benefits of learning from multiple coaches, the physical benefits of participating in cross-training, stronger mental development, better teamwork skills and reduced chance of burnout.

At City League, we know what schools need to develop and sustain school sports and extracurriculars in St. Louis City. Our approach is tailored to our vision, to empower youth to realize their interests and talents for both personal and greater good.

Today, we support four school sports programs: cross-country, volleyball, basketball and soccer. On this page, you can review eligibility requirements, read our FAQs, and dive into the particulars of the program support services we offer.

How City League Works

Role of City League Commissioner

The City League Commissioner manages the following:

  • Facilitating the management of the City League, overall
  • Communication with individual school Athletic Directors
    • League policies
    • League expectations
    • Each sport’s rules
    • Contest schedules
    • Officiating assignments
    • Field/Gym locations for contests
    • League standings
    • News & announcements via Teamsnap and website
  • Establishing relationships with and scheduling officials for all contests and tournaments
  • Establishing league schedules for all contests and tournaments
  • Developing (with input from the Advisory Council) and monitoring adherence to league policies
  • Establishing and leading the Advisory Council

Role of Participating Schools Athletic Directors

Participating school Athletic Directors are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining communication with their individual school’s administration, determining which sports and teams in which they will participate
  • Identifying, training, and managing eligible coaches for each participating team
  • Scheduling facilities for practices and home contests; if no facility is available, developing an MOU with an appropriate facility to meet obligations for participation in the City League
  • Maintaining and submitting to the City League Commissioner records of contests (scores)
  • Developing a process for and maintaining records of student eligibility to be provided to the City League Commissioner, upon request
  • Maintaining their teams’ information in TeamSnap; engaging their teams in TeamSnap updates

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