Support Youth Sports Equity in St. Louis

Were sports an integral part of your childhood? Do you have fond memories of pre-game rituals, bus rides, team dinners and down-to-the-wire wins? Have you watched your own children fall in love with sports? 

Sports are game-changers for youth in so many ways.
If you’re passionate about sports, we invite you to join our mission to help youth discover the joy of playing sports, right here in St. Louis.

Four Ways to Get Involved


Share Our Mission

One of the best things you can do for City League is support us by sharing our mission and vision within your network of family, friends and colleagues. Tell our story and help us build our community of supporters.

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Business Referrals

If an opportunity arises, we would love for you to connect us to small businesses or corporations interested in sponsoring us or becoming a partner. Ask your connection(s) to submit this form, and we’ll get in touch with them about sponsorship opportunities.