City League was recently awarded a $7,500 grant by the Reinvention by Community Fund through The Opportunity Trust. Through this fund, The Opportunity Trust has redistributed decision-making to those most directly impacted by racial and educational inequality.

“City League is honored to receive this grant award,” said Allison Cousins, Commissioner of City League. “It was additionally special to receive this award because one of the members of the advisory committee who participated in the decision-making process had participated in City League’s basketball program the previous year.”

Founded in 2021, City League is a non profit organization that partners with schools in St. Louis City to reduce the barriers for schools to sustainably develop and implement school sport programs and extracurriculars. City League has a vision to empower youth to realize their interests and talents for both personal and greater good.

In its founding year, City League partnered with 12 middle schools in St. Louis City, serving nearly 600 student-athletes across four sports.

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